Modern and realistic miniature printable Floorings and Tiles

TinyUniverseMinis is an online store that sells handmade digital floors and tiles to print at home, miniatures and furniture. 99% of the products are designed and manufactured by me, my name is Noemí, I come from the world of art, design and photography, and I have been a professional photo retoucher for a long time. This store is for me a new window to share my passion and my work on decoration and miniatures.

Refresh your Dollhouse easely! Download, print, trim and install

On TinyUniverseMinis you can find modern and classic miniature printable floors: bamboo, chevron, herringbone, farm, terracotta, hydraulic, hexagonal … to easily and quickly renovate your dollhouse. Download, print and install; make as many copies as you want for your personal project. You can also find soft velvet rugs and Tibetan flags.

Special Weekend Freebie

During the Assarmicat miniature crafters Show Online (days 5, 6, 7, 8, od december 2020) you can download this flooring for free. Only have to be registered.

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