About Tiny Universe Minis and me

Modern and realistic miniature printable Floorings and Tiles

TinyUniverseMinis is an online store that sells handmade digital floors and tiles to print at home, miniatures and furniture. 99% of the products are designed and manufactured by me, my name is Noemí, I come from the world of art, design and photography, and I have been a professional photo retoucher for a long time. This store is for me a new window to share my passion and my work on decoration and miniatures.

Refresh your Dollhouse easely! Download, print, trim and install

On TinyUniverseMinis you can find modern and classic miniature printable floors: bamboo, chevron, herringbone, farm, terracotta, hydraulic, hexagonal … to easily and quickly renovate your dollhouse. Download, print and install; make as many copies as you want for your personal project. You can also find soft velvet rugs and Tibetan flags.


Hi, I'm Noemí, I realize printable miniature parquet and tile floors to makeover dollhouses quickly and easily, with a beautiful and realistic finish. I usually take photographs when I walk through my city, walls, old shop floorings, my friend's houses or details that I find on the facades, or in nature. At home I look for materials, textures ... with all this I create new designs inspired by ancient or modern tiles or floors, also I make scale replicas of spectacular floors.
The techniques I use are watercolor, drawing, acrylic, inks ... which I later integrate through digital editing software, cause my job is about fine arts, graphic design, digital image editing and web design.

I started designing floors looking for floors to renovate my Greek dollhouse that I created fifteen years ago, but I couldn't find any floor at my taste and that were a bit more modern and with a Mediterranean style, so in 2020 I started creating my own designs.

At the moment my website is only in English, I hope to translate it into Spanish shortly, but you will see that it is very easy to find the floorings. You can also find a sample of the floors on the web to print and see the colors before purchasing.

I also can make a new floor or wallpaper with your idea, let me know about.